Antitrust compliance

Antitrust compliance is an internationally recognized internal system of antitrust compliance aimed at introducing elements of corporate culture, organizational structure, rules and procedures regulated by internal regulatory documents that ensure the prevention of antitrust violations and loss of reputation.

European countries and the United States already use antitrust compliance. In Russia, compliance is also applied in Rosneft, Gazpromneft, LUKOIL, Avtodor group, Baltika, Uralkali, MTS, Dixie and other companies.

Why do I need antitrust compliance?

Compliance helps to avoid antitrust liability or reduce the amount of the imposed fine. The decision in case no. A40-107482/2019 confirmed the existence of a cartel agreement between ZAO " Firm Euroservice "and LLC"Mega Pharma". The companies were fined 284,000,000 rubles. The lack of a compliance system in these companies could not prevent the violation or reduce the amount of the fine.

Three elements explain the need for antitrust compliance – formal, substantive, and internal.

Formal criterion. the obligatory presence of antitrust compliance is provided:

  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 21.12.2017 No. 618 "on the main directions of state policy for the development of competition»,
  • By order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 225 8-R of 18.10.2018,
  • By order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 173 8-R of 05.09.2015

A meaningful criterion is that compliance helps to avoid violations of antitrust laws, as a result:

  • reduces the risks of antitrust violations by employees of the organization and against employees of the organization;
  • reduces the risk of loss and loss of business reputation;
  • reduces control by the Antimonopoly service;
  • when positioned correctly, compliance ensures the trust of customers,the state, investors, and partners;
  • the presence of a compliance program is an insurance against legal liability;

Internal corporate criteria

  • Employees of the company who are confident that the company acts in accordance with ethical standards work with greater efficiency and for longer;
  • Companies that adhere to ethical standards are more successful in the future than companies that do not have a corporate culture;
  • Compliance creates a sense of trust and generates brand loyalty;
  • A corporate culture based on ethical principles and a meritocracy of ideas can be the Foundation of a company's success.

Our goal is to build an effective compliance system for You that meets the best international practices:

  • We will help you choose the optimal structure of the compliance system from an organizational point of view and the principle of cost and efficiency;
  • Identify risks;
  • Evaluate and reduce the likelihood of risks;
  • Develop policies and codes;
  • Conduct training;
  • We will use digital solutions;
  • We will help you create your own corporate compliance Institute.
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