Design and implement an internal control system

Design and implement an internal control system to achieve your goals.

Due to the fact that compliance is not a global risk management system, but one of its elements that is responsible for compliance (compliance with laws) and ethical behavior, the company has additional goals that also require control.

These goals include:

  • strategic goals;
  • operational goal;
  • the purpose of reporting;
  • the purpose of compliance with legislation (compliance);
  • we highlight another goal-to ensure high performance discipline, since the lack of discipline in the execution of tasks becomes the main obstacle to success and the cause of most failures, which are mistakenly attributed to other factors.

Thus, the company's shareholders, owners and stakeholders must have a reasonable guarantee that:

  • strategic goals are being achieved;
  • operating activities effective;
  • financial statements are reliable;
  • applicable law is observed;
  • performance discipline is at a high level.

To obtain such a guarantee, the company must develop special control mechanisms.

The organization is supported in its efforts to achieve its goals by 8 components of internal control and a set of principles corresponding to each element of control.

To the components of internal control are:

  • internal environment;
  • goal setting;
  • defining events;
  • risks evaluation;
  • responding to the risk;
  • means of control;
  • information and communications;
  • monitoring.


The global risk management system ensures effective corporate governance and provides a reasonable guarantee of achieving the company's strategic and operational goals, reliability of financial statements and compliance with legislation, as well as high performance discipline.

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